REVIEW: When I first got my RV I really didn’t know much. I mean, I knew I’d be plugging into electrical when I got to various parks and places and I thought you just hooked up your rig to the electrical system and boom you were set. Well one of the first things I learned even before leaving Camping World, where I bought my RV, is that you have to protect your rig from electrical surges that could damage everything inside. So they told me I essentially needed a “Surge Protector” for my rig.

They had several at the store, but rather than buy one there, I went online and found my very first bit of “Camco,” gear, which to this day I still use.

Fast forward to now, a new rig and time for a new protector, so once again I’ve gone with Camco. This time, an upgraded version of my first protector, the “Power Defender.”This unit is very easy to use and gives you great piece of mind whenever you have to hook up in an RV park, State Park, or other location where you’re hooking up to electricity. I’ve owned two of these since starting my RV journey and I keep my old one in the rig as a back-up. I’ve not been blown out anywhere and with this in my rig, I feel safe plugging in anywhere.


  • Protects your RV from dangerous high (>132 VAC) and low (<102 VAC) voltage levels
  • Automatically disconnects from dangerous voltage and reconnects after power stabilizes
  • Shows faults for reverse polarity, open neutral, and other power pedestal wiring issues
  • Integrated surge protection: 2,450 joules power rating for 30 Amps
  • Diagnostic lights for visual indication of fault


“Power Defender” by Camco


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