“RV Tour: The Big Reveal!”– DIY/RV Renovation Series Episode :18 [RVJedeye]

UPDATED: 10.16.17@2:17pm… Forgot to add in the cost and link to Kitchen Backsplash


Do you remember? I started oh, so many months ago with a plan!

There were ups and downs and a LOT of hours plugging away all to get to this very point… the completion… the “Big Reveal” if you will of the “New-2-Me-RENOVATED-RVJedeye Mobile!”

The before and after is truly stunning. What a difference some paint, vision and hard work can make in a renovation project.

 (To see additional photos of the renovation, on Tuesday October 17th, log onto the “RVJedeye” Facebook page, like and you can see more)

When I picked up the rig, it was in decent shape inside, but I really just wanted to make it more personal and to be honest take a shot at doing some renovation! I live in an apartment now, so I can’t tear everything up and make it cool, but in my RV I could do just that.

I really want to say thank you for all who’ve followed along or why may JUST be finding the project now. You can always go back and see the project from start to finish by clicking here. It means so much that you’ve watched at least some of this.

Much love to Mike & Jenny from Duet Justus who gave me some great advice many months ago about renovation. Check out their YouTube channel, they did an amazing job with their rig.

There are also so many YouTuber’s that I’ve followed over the months and know that I appreciate you all as well, thank you for what you did with your channels and I hope I’ve taken what you did and paid it forward some.

So the renovation projects are mostly done. No doubt there are a lot more things I’ll be tweaking and adding to moving forward… some lighting in particular. But this phase of [RVJedeye] is complete. Now it’s time to use it and create some new adventures that I hope you’ll follow along with as well!


Here’s a look at the final overall budget for this week and for the project in general.

Remember, if you see some things you might want or need in previous episodes, you should be able to find things through my Amazon Affiliate link.

Here’s what I spent this week and the overall breakdown for you:

[RVJedeye] – DIY/RV Renovation Budget: (October 16, 2017)

Expenses for Episode:18 “RV Tour: The Big Reveal!”


Carpeting the front of the rig                                       $250.00

Teal Throw rug (Walmart)                                             $25.00

Bedding (Ross)                                                                  $36.00

Teal Towels (Ross)                                                           $22.00

Teal Throw Pillows (Ross)                                              $18.50

“Goo Gone” Cleaning Product(Home Depot)                $8.57

Screws (Home Depot)                                                        $4.00

Screws (Home Depot)                                                        $4.11

Metal Carpet binders (Home Depot)                             $15.00

Kitchen Backsplash $95.38


Episode :18 Sub Total                         $478.46

FINAL OVERALL TOTALS:           $1,998.40

RELATED LINKS: (From Episode :18)

“Walmart” Walmart.com

“Home Depot” Home Depot.com

“Ross” Rossstores.com

“Smart Tiles Vintage Bilbao 3D GEL-O Adhesive Tiles” http://amzn.to/2wZFd4Y

To continue to follow the adventures, you can find me online, “RVJedeye” at: RVJedeye.com


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18 thoughts on ““RV Tour: The Big Reveal!”– DIY/RV Renovation Series Episode :18 [RVJedeye]

  1. Wow! Good for you! I found you through Carolyn’s RV Life, the episode on you tube called “when the cops came knocking”. She said that she didn’t know many African Americans RV’ers, but that you would be a great person to follow. I’m AA and Retire, I have look forward to RVING. Not my husband so much. I’m happy to watch your blogs. I searching for an RV for full time. Not sure where to start. But, I love the great outdoors and driving. Help!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thank you so much for finding me and following along. See if you can get your husband to rent one with you and try it out. The first time he’s out there and if it’s a good spot, he’ll be hooked!😁


  2. Congratulations David on a job well done. Looks fantastic! Very impressed and proud of you for hanging in and getting it done. Its hard work, we know. Now, get on the road! No pressure 😉

    Liked by 1 person

  3. I think you did an amazing job. It looks fantastic. Now you have to cover the couch and dinette cushions. When I covered our dinette and couch it made such a difference.
    For the couch I bought a solid beige “sure fit” cover from Walmart.
    For the dinette I had my husband cut a thin piece of plywood a. It smaller than each cushion. I then put the fabric on my livingroom floor print side down, put cushion on top, front side down. I put the plywood on the back and wrapped the material around the cushion (similar to wrapping a Christmas present). I used a staple gun to hold the material in place.
    Then put the cushions back on.
    It came out really good.
    You could use a gray material with teal and yellow or teal and coral print. It would really finish up you amazing project.
    Maybe our paths will cross one day. We are currently traveling the county.
    Travel safe.
    You can follow us on Facebook at
    Boden’s Adventure.


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