Just a few items to knock out before the big reveal and without a doubt one of the biggest and yes for me one of the most important, is upgrading the television set in the RV. 

Now I know it’s not traditional “roughing it” when you have a television and for that matter an RV, but it’s a must have for me.

After a nice long hike… on a rainy day… or heck just a Saturday in the Fall for college football, I want to be able to turn on my TV and either watch what’s on, or pop in a movie.

Now in my last rig, I went through the process of mounting a television and it turned out pretty well.

So this time around, I wasn’t as intimidated as before, but any time you do some work on your RV, you’re always a little nervous.

To ease my mind, I want back to the same set-up I used in my first rig, the “TCL 32 Roku Smart Television” and the “Cheetah Wall Mount” system.(No longer supported by Amazon) Both worked well last time and I was familiar with how both worked, so I ordered the and got to it!


Here’s a look at the overall budget for this week. The two big splurges this week, the television set and the mounting system. These are two items you can easily get in the Amazon links below.

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Here’s what I spent this week and the overall breakdown for you:

[RVJedeye] – DIY/RV Renovation Budget: (October 4, 2017)

Expenses for Episode:17 “Mounting a Television in your RV”


TCL 32 inch Roku Smart Television              $225.70

Cheetah Mounting System                             $24.96


Episode :17 Sub Total                         $250.60


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“TCL 32 Inch ROKU Smart TV”


Cheetah Mounting Bracket

(Available on Amazon, no longer supported)

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