Renovating my “New-2-Me-RVJedeye Mobile,” has been a handful, but for the most part fun. I know I’ve mentioned it before, if I didn’t do everything now, I don’t know when or IF I would get to everything. So the tough times now, not being on the road, will pay off in the long run.

So when I started off working on the flooring I knew it would take some time getting it all up. I had visions of what I thought it would take and some of them have been realistic, others are far off. Unlike some of the other renovation projects so far… the handles and hardware for example, this one may yield the biggest change to the rig.

I love going to the beach in my RV so, going to a vinyl plank flooring system, will make clean up so much easier. When I was tearing up everything, the amount of dirt and sand and grime was ridiculous. So if I ever sell this bad boy to someone else, at least they won’t have to worry about that any more.


Here’s a look at the overall budget for this week. And you’ll see there are no real changes for this episode because most of what I’m doing now is just ripping everything up and getting it out of the rig. However in each episode I’m providing a detailed look of what I spent in the episode and the overall cost for everything. Things are starting to pick up with the budget, there will be more… lot’s more when it comes to adding to the budget.

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Here’s what I spent this week and the overall breakdown for you:

[RVJedeye] – DIY/RV Renovation Budget: (July 24, 2017)

Expenses for Episode :12 “RV Flooring PT2”


No new items this week                $0.00


Episode :12 Sub Total                    $0.00


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