Over the last year, I’ve shared a couple of my own “RV Tips & Hacks.”

One of my favorites was in [RVJedeye] – VLOG/Episode :05 “Glamping or Not Glamping in the RV” In this episode I shared about my tricks for pancake batter.

There’s also my trick for keeping your RV smelling fresh.

And now, a new one for you. A quick “RV Tip/Hack” to help you with storing your spices in between trips.Now as a full fledge, “RV Weekend Warrior,” I’m constantly taking things in and out of the RV each trip. But since I really try to get out twice a month, I do want to leave some things in the rig. And because I HATE mice or any kind of rodents I wanted to come up with something to mask the smell of the spices that I could leave in the RV. So here’s my tip, hope you like. I shot this video before I started my renovations of my “New-2-Me-RVJedeye Mobile.”


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