June 29th, 2016… it will go down as my “Official RV-Anniversary,” because that’s when I jumped in and pulled the trigger on my first rig.

I’d been thinking about Rving for years and kept waiting for the “right time” to do something. But I started to really think, “How much longer am I going to keep waiting? What if ‘the right time’ doesn’t show up and present itself to me?” So on June 29th 2016, I decided to make my OWN “Right Time!”My first RV was very good to me. A 2004, Class C, Winnebago Itasca Spirit.I loved my rig. And we hit the road running!

I learned a lot with my first RV. I mounted a TV for the first time. I found some amazing spots to explore in the RV and became a part of a community, meeting some amazing people that I’m so happy I found.No question, this first year in the Rvlife has been a blast and as many of you know, I would have stayed in my Class C and continued on, but I really hated the corner cut bed.So as the year was wrapping up an opportunity came up out of the blue, that I just couldn’t pass up!

So within my first year in the RV world, I went from one rig, to a second in just about 6 months. I know crazy right?

Since I picked up my second RV, I’ve not had as much of chance to really put it to the test, because I made the commitment to renovating it right off of the bat, before I even had a chance to really use it.

Now don’t get me wrong, I know it sounds crazy, doing all of the work on the RV now, but if I don’t do the full renovations that I want to now, I knew once I got into it and started going out every weekend, doing things like painting the cabinets or knocking out flooring, would NEVER get done.There are a couple of things I am very thankful for as I look back at my first year:

– The places I’ve been able to explore in my RV so far have been amazing and I can’t wait to see even more!

– Learning about the whole lifestyle and RV world, has been fascinating. There is no ONE way to do it. From “Weekend Warriors” to “Full Timers”…”Travel Trailers,” to “Schoolies” there is a rig and world for you out there no matter how you want to do it

– The people who RV are amazing! I’ve met some really good people along the way. Talked to hundreds online and through social media and for the most part everyone has been helpful, engaging and I am so happy I found so many

So one year is in the books… Not sure what the future will hold, but I do know I’ll be out there, a part of this community for years to come and sharing my take on everything and my journey.

Wherever you are today… hold up a beverage and cheers… here’s to my first year in the RV World and the hope that one day, down the line we’ll run into each other and share some stories!

 Thank you!!!

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