Weekend RV Fun! Don’t Forget About Me😁

No question, THIS is how I’d like to be spending my weekend!Away, relaxing and if you can’t tell I love water… I love water😁

The reality however is in addition to work work Saturday, I’ll be spending Sunday doing more of this.Yep, working on the RV😊

Now don’t get me wrong, I am the one who came up with the idea to reno the RV so this is my doing. However I will be thinking of you all who are out there enjoying the road.If you have some time and are looking for some things to binge watch during your down time this weekend, might I suggest?

– One of the many videos in the DIY/RV Renovation series?

– Perhaps one of the new product unboxing’s that I’ve just started to do?

– Or a look at some of the best places I found to RV last year?

No matter whatever you do this weekend, raise a glass and toast one for me!


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