Painting the cabinets in the RV is done. It is now time to push forward to wrapping up some minor/major details and then lurking around the corner… the flooring!Looking back at my project list for my “New-2-Me-RVJedeye Mobile,” overall “DIY/RV Renovations” I’m not too far off track of where I had hoped to be by now.

We’re getting closer and closer to the part I am no doubt very excited about and concerned about, the flooring. But I have a plan in place and will hammer it out and execute it to the best of my abilities.

Being an “RV Weekend Warrior,” it’s taken longer to knock out these projects, but again I am very glad I decided to do all of this now, BEFORE I hit the road again for travel, because let’s be honest… once everything is in the RV, how realistic would it be for me to take everything out and start painting or doing the floors… NOT!


Here’s a look at the overall budget for this week. In each episode I’m providing a detailed look of what I spent in the episode and the overall cost for everything. And this week it’s all easy… there’s no cost because basically I just put stuff back with materials I had in place. lol

However if you see some things you might want or need in previous episodes, you should be able to find things through my Amazon Affiliate link.

Here’s what I spent this week and the overall breakdown for you:

[RVJedeye] – DIY/RV Renovation Budget: (June 12, 2017)

Expenses for Episode :09 “Putting the hinges back PT1”

Items:  Zero Items Purchased            $0.0


Episode :09 Sub Total             $0.0


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