Being an “RV Weekend Warrior,” I have to lug things from my apartment to the RV, work and then take off from work in my RV for the weekend, before bringing everything back from the RV after I’ve parked it in storage. It’s a lot, but for the love or Rving, totally worth it.Now one of the big issues, has always been having to carry my food in my cooler. I picked up an inexpensive one, when I first started out and it’s held up for the most part, although the top will fall off from time to time. But that all may be changing, because of the “Caribou Cooler” from Camco.I recently got a hold of one of these bad boys and it’s a beast. Solid, strong, heavy duty and looks like it will keep everything I need inside very cool. In terms of the packaging, one of the things Camco does really well is packaging their product for shipping, which means no matter who sends it to you, if they go through Camco, your product will probably arrive in good shape. The box is a little heavy and that’s because the cooler is very sturdy and not flimsy at all. The handles to close the cooler are made of a really strong rubber and all of the pieces attached seem really made to take a beating.

In this video, I’ll take you through the unboxing of the product and in an upcoming video, I’ll do a full product review and let you know how it all shakes out.


  • Superior cold and ice retention
  • Rotomolded design offers extreme durability
  • Great for hunting, fishing, tailgating and camping
  • Fully sealing gasket
  • 5 year manufacturer’s warranty


“Caribou Cooler” by Camco

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