If work is your baby /wife and like me spend close to 60+ hours a week with it… And for me RVing at National Parks has become my new Mistress, spending weekends hitting the road to a different park twice a month… If you go change things up and head to an RV Resort for a weekend of “Glamping,” are you having an affair?
Since I picked up my very first, “New-2-Me” RV I dived in head first. Committing to getting out at least twice a month so I feel like I can justify the purchase perhaps, but more importantly allowing me to see some great places. Now down the line there may be a move to full time, however right now I’m using the rig and enjoying every bit of it.

The initial trips have been at some great parks. Coe Landing and Ochlockonee River State Park. I have a couple of more parks on my list too, but I want the FULL RV experience.
Down the line, yes there will be a trip to boondocks at a Walmart. There will be a “dry” camping experience without any hook-ups some place. All of these are on the list. But this weekend… Ah this weekend… This weekend I will be exploring the world of “Glamping.” 
I’m hitting the road to Carrabelle Florida and the “Ho Hum RV Park.” It looks nice and Good Sam rates it pretty high and there are lots of amenities, including a chance for me to checkout how I did with my new DIY TV & Mount.

I put down a couple of extra bucks to be Gulf side, right on the water and truthfully that is what I’m looking forward to the most. I’m also looking forward to see how “Glamping” truly works.
But as I count down the hours before I hit the road, in the back of my mind I wonder… Wonder if she notices anything different about me… Wonder if she’ll take me back afterwards… Wonder if my Parks will love me just as much as before Before I had my affair with “Glamping.” 
I guess there is only one way to find out… Like Nike says, “Just Do it” or better yet my little green-crusty-friend, “Do or Do Not… There is no try!”