RVJedeye The Vlog: Episode 03 “Glamping or not to Glamp… There is no longer a question”

I won’t lie… I didn’t know what to expect when it came to “Glamping.” Wasn’t sure if I’d like it or what actually happens when one “Glamps.” But I will say, based on my experience with the folks at “Ho-Hum RV Park,” my first time was awesome!


The folks down at the park were amazing and helpful.


From Susie who checked me in to John one of the Camp hosts, to Bob, my neighbor for a couple of nights who helped fix a water valve connection with my rig, to LindaIMG_2332

my daily check in neighbor and her two dogs, “Molly” and “Charlie.”

cropped-image1.jpegThe park is beautiful. The location right on the water. There are no kids under 17 allowed, so it was quiet. You’re not going to “Ho-Hum,” to DO lots of things, because it’s not really that kind of a park.


If you want to get away for awhile, maybe fish and if you have a “toad” with you explore the area then this is the perfect spot.


I ate a lot of my meals right up against the water. The place has full hook-ups, cable, water/electric 30/50 amps. It was just the perfect get away and a place I know I’ll return to.

Check out “Episode: 03” of the Vlog for a look at “Ho-Hum.” Some of my own “RV Hacks.” And a couple of questions for you Full Timer’s I hope you chime in on.

Hope you enjoy and get out there and RV!


3 thoughts on “RVJedeye The Vlog: Episode 03 “Glamping or not to Glamp… There is no longer a question”

  1. Thank you for posting your weekend adventures. What a beautiful spot to camp! Glad you are enjoying this and got a taste of Glamping. Also love the fact that it was such a quiet spot. That is the beauty of getting out of California. Not so crowded. Also just loved seeing the rain and the sky before the storm. Some of my favorite camping times are in the rain in the winter when it is cold and just hanging out looking at the beauty around me. Must say your Vlog while entertaining can be very expensive….. We sold our Big rig 34ft class A several months ago and didn’t want to buy anything for a year or so but watching your Vlog has given us the Fever! On impulse we bought a new unit yesterday …. HAHAHAHA! Our vacation coming up where we were to stay in Cody Wy and visit Yellowstone has now changed from Hotel reservations to Camping the whole time in the new rig. Our plan originally was to purchase an interim class c to last until till we retire.. but this was just too good a deal to pass up. Used 2016 REV from Dynamax. Not the right chassis or brand for us but small and usable for the type of camping we like. Easy to just get in and go. I think this Chassis is overloaded to begin with so can’t take a lot but that is the way I like it. 🙂 To answer your questions…..our plan is to go full time in 7 years when I retire age 61(Hubz is older and will retire first) Then question 2 for us is… small unit that you can fit into lots of places and wont cost an arm and a leg to own or drive. Also need fiberglass roof. This new one doesn’t have it and we are preparing ourselves for the maintenance Currently we like the Winnebago Fuse and although small fits our needs for full time. The Rig you have now is perfect to go full time. It isn’t hard to drive or cumbersome to park so you can just take off and go. It is self contained so you dont’ need the hookups and can camp for a bit without sacrificing comfort. With the larger units you have to tow and there is always more set up. With small I find it is like driving a pickup. This way you can always have your home with you and have everything you need. I look forward to meeting up on the road someday! We can set around a campfire and share some laughs…. Until then Happy Trails my friend!

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