RVJedye – DIY: Mounting a TV in an RV

First DIY project is in the books and it came out well.  The goal, was to remove the old TV and replace it with a Smart TV and after several hours and a trip to Camping World and Home Depot, I was able to accomplish it.

BoxFor my TV I went with a 32 inch TCL Smart TV and

back mount a Cheetah Wall Mount. I did some research, got some pretty good deals on Amazon and pulled the trigger.

Doing the work, took a little time and probably a little more time because of the heat in Florida and not having my rig plugged into shore power so no AC.

Metv I also learned some things about my RV which you’ll see in the video and I continue to learn the proper lingo and information about things. In the video I refer to my electricity as “110” when I should have said, “120.”  Bottom line a Jedeye never stops learning. lol

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8 thoughts on “RVJedye – DIY: Mounting a TV in an RV

  1. Hello,
    Sorry to hear about the generator issue after you did all that work on the TV. I am not sure what the “flip switch might be so I asked the HUBZ and he says put together the following for you to check. I am thinking the first options is probably all you need to do if your Generator is running.

    “Scooters lack of AC Power when the Generator is turn on could be 1 of (3) simple solutions.

    1) Open the Side door of the RV where the 30 amp Shore Power 220 Volt plug is located
    and plug it into the 220 volt Receptacle that is powered by the Generator.

    2) Check for Circuit Breakers on the Generator itself as they may be tripped off.

    3) Check the Coach AC Circuit Breakers and make sure they are not tripped, if any of the breakers at either location
    are tripped just reset them.

    Don’t forget to wait to start the generator after the above steps have been checked.”

    Just a thought for you to try. Also to let you know. Winnebago offer information on RV’s long after they are sold. Look here for help finding electrical and other specs to your vehicle.

    Glad to hear you are enjoying the RV experience and looking forward to your thoughts on Glamping! When you have an RV there are many choices. Especially an RV your size that will fit in the state and national parks.

    Have fun and Be a Happy Camper!

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    1. Thanks! Let “Hubz” know I checked on a couple of those and did it in CW’s parking lot… Bully wasn’t there so it was OK😊

      They said that because my unit was older… Since when is 2004 old… I didn’t have an automatic switch which flips over to run your AC current off of the generator. I have my manuals and will spend some time there and again on Winnebago’s site and the web.

      Thanks for checking in and following😀


      1. Hmmm. Without a transfer switch I thought yours would work like others I have seen where you take the plug on the coach you would plug into shore power and plug it into the generator and it would work………. Hope you have fun Glamping and get your TV.set up. I have glamped and done the State and National parks but have yet to do the walmart boondocking. Slept in the Garberville grocery parking lot once but only for a few hours. Hope to be full time someday. The freedom is like no other. You will get the understanding of your rig and be able to work everything in no time. Do you follow Rubber Tramp Rendezvous? I would like to go to one of those. Bob Wells is the guy. He has this website. http://www.cheaprvliving.com/ Hard core Boondocking but looks fun.

        Have a good night and happy trails!

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  2. Reminded me of a line from the 80’s movie “Mr. Mom.” Michael Keaton’s character is trying to impress his wife’s boss by making him think he is doing the remodeling at their house (he is not). The boss asks, “You gonna wire it all 220?” Michael Keaton responds, “220, 221, whatever it takes.” I’ve used that line a few times myself when I have no idea what I’m talking about!

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