SEATTLE, WA – As we kick off 2023, it’s time to look forward regarding the channel and content for this year.  Each year at this time, I look back at what worked last year and take a look at what I want to try to do this year and this year, there is a lot on the plate.

The first thing I want to do is spend some time redesigning the website. Right now its not bad, but I think it can be better and more user friendly, so over the next couple of weeks/months I’m going to be working on how this bad boy looks and how easy it is to navigate.

The next thing I want to do is, “broaden the content.” In addition to Car-Camping and RVing content, I am looking to share some more about my life here in Seattle. Take you on some other adventures and things I do around town. Hopefully, you’ll like what you see and will enjoy it. If not, I know you’ll let me know.  I just think it could be really fun to have some additional content here.

One of the toughest things I have to consider is whether or not I continue to do full videos of my cooking… the “Cheffing-It Up” content.  I love cooking and even if I don’t do full videos, you’ll see some of it.

What I have noticed is that I do get a lot of compliments and engagement around all of my cooking videos, but they don’t seem to do as well on the channel overall with views, so that could mean people just don’t like that kind of content from me?  What do you think? Would you like to continue to see my cooking recipes?

Another thing I’m considering is if I should start a “Patreon” Channel?  When my RV broke down last year, I had a lot of folks as me if I had a “Patreon” channel so they could help out and I don’t.  So, if I do start a channel, I want to make sure it’s worth it for those who subscribe.  Access to early content, special videos just for the channel and who knows, maybe that’s where I would put my “Cheffing-It-Up” videos.  Again, not sure but would love to hear from you… would you like & subscribe to a “Patreon” page?

One other change I am considering, adding two new monthly segments.  One on the channel analytics and the second monthly Q & A’s. These are two regular videos I can stand up at the end of each month looking back.  Let me know what you think about adding two features like these moving forward.

Finally with your help I really want to grow the channel.  I’m probably what you would consider a small channel, as of right now, just about 8,680 subscribers and I love all of you who’ve been a part of this growth. Now I’m hoping to reach more, 10,000 is the number I’m shooting for.  When I started this channel and RVing/exploring a huge reason why was to “pay it forward.”  

For all of those RVers and now car campers that I follow, I want to share my experiences and what I do, so that if there is someone out there trying to do some of this, they might see some of the mistakes I made of the years and hopefully the true joy I get out of doing all of this. 

So hopefully 2023 will be a big jump for he channel overall!

So those are the goals for the channel this year. There is a lot coming up, including my first “Q & A” attempt next week. If you have a question you want to ask, drop it here, up until Wednesday January 11th.  I’m going to then put together a video for next week and try to answer as many questions as I can!

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