SEATTLE, WA – The time has finally come to find a spot to store my RV this year. I’ve been very fortunate over the last couple of years to have great indoor RV storage in Green Bay, but now that I’m on the west coast, I need to find a new home for my RV.

So the process I went through as I was looking for a new home to house the RV, started on the internet and just trying to find some possible locations in and around the Seattle area.

Not really knowing what is around here, I have been prepared to have to drive as much as a half hour or more outside of the city to find a location to keep my RV safe, because as much as I love the city, there’s no parking at my apartment for the rig, so I have to find a parking location for it.

After calling around to multiple places that have RV storage I quickly understood that I would not be able to keep my RV indoors like I did in Green Bay and that’s OK.  I have a new roof on the RV so that will help to protect it, so we’ll see how it all shakes out.

Once I narrowed it down to three locations, the only way to truly see what they are all about is to hop in the car and go check them out and that’s what I did.

Now two of the spots have 24/7 access, which for me is important because I can pick up the RV at anytime and hit the road.  Also, if I get back later than I think, I can still get into the storage yard and park my rig. In the third location, I can’t do that. They do have someone at the gate, but it’s not a 24/7 situation and they have limited access time, so for me that third location was out.

All in all I think I found a good place to store it. I ended up going with Bridge RV Storage. The cost of doing it, is just about the same as my cost in Green Bay, right around $300 bucks a month, the big difference obviously again is that I will have to store it outdoors.  We’ll see how everything goes. I’m on a month to month rental agreement and if I don’t like where I’m at, I certainly can explore other options. 

Coming up next…  It’s all getting real… the new RV season is here and it’s finally time to go get my RV!


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