SEATTLE, WA – So I finally made it to Seattle and I am still learning what the city is all about. And at the same time trying to figure out my top 5 things happening this RV season.

There is no doubt an energy that you feel when you are in the heart of a big city and Seattle has that. It’s very different from Green Bay, which I loved being there, but it’s different in so many ways. I’m looking forward to continuing to figure it all out.

So as I settle in, the weather is starting to get better, I’m thinking ahead to what I have to do for, “Season 7 of the New RV Adventures of RVJEDEYE!”  Normally at the start of the season, that’s what I do and this year is no different. So here are my top items to do:

“Go get my RV!”….

Right now my rig is still in Green Bay and I have to figure out a time to go back and pick it up and drive it back across country and that should be a fun trip.

“Where Will I Store the RV?”

Once the RV is here in Seattle with me, the next major thing will be to find a place to store it. It’s actually something I’m going to do BEFORE I head out to get the RV but it’s a major issue moving forward.

“Start Exploring the PNW”…

So once the RV is here and stored, it’s going to be time to get out and about and explore the area. I am so excited to get out her, it’s so hard to wait.  So many of you have made suggestions regarding where I should go. If you have more ideas, please leave them in the comments below I really want to try some of the spots you all suggest. I tend to love State Parks and County Parks, but I am so open to so much.

“Time to Get My Chef On!”…

Awww buddy, it’s that time of the year where I am thinking about some of the meals I want to do on the road. You know my motto, “There’s no need to eat poorly on the road!”  And this year we’re going to have some really fun meals AND I have a new piece of equipment for “Cheffing-It-Up!” And I can’t wait to show you and use it!

“Get Off of My Butt & Just Do it!”…

Sorry Nike, but I have to get some work done on the RV and I really just need to knock it out. There are a lot of little projects I want to do, namely my wall sconces in my RV bedroom. So I’m going to try to knock out some of those items this year.

Over the next several weeks and months, I’m going to take you through everything I do and share the good, the bad and the ugly as we start exploring our new area and another new season for RVing. If you have any suggestions on what you’d like to see… maybe what you’d like me to cook, shoot me a note and I’ll see if I can get it into this year!



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