Can you believe it??? it’s time to start thinking about a new RV season and I am more than ready to at least think about it. Now there is still a long way to get going for this year, but I wanted to start getting you ready for the 7th season of “The New RV Adventures of RVJedeye!”  

So for me, the new season, season 7 will drop on Sunday February 20, 2022!

Make sure you come on back here and on YouTube to see the new season and some big surprises.

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“RV Today” magazine drops online and in the mail and yours truly is a part of the very first issue showcasing the “Top 50 RV Content Creators” around the country! 

“RV Today” is going to be a very special publication for those who RV… those who dream of RVing and those who want to live vicariously.  I’m excited because it’s an honor to be named one of the top 50 RV content creators and it also means I’m going to get a chance to share my experiences RVing with more folks. From RV Travel, to repairs, to “Cheffing-It-Up” on the road, I’m going to take the RVJedeye brand to the next level!

Now the magazine launches on February 15th and you can subscribe now for an online version or a hard copy version of the magazine and I have a promo code to get you going!.  Just click here: 


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