I love my new “Char-Griller”grill. I’m still learning how to cook with it and “Cheffing-It-Up” is just a part of what I do. Whether it’s at home.

Or on the road in my RV…

Cooking is major! You know my motto and if you don’t here it is again, “No need to eat poorly on the road!” And honestly, that’s for camping, RVing, Car Camping or at home for that matter. “Cheffing-It-Up!” is a lifestyle for me.

Now earlier this year I picked up my new grill and I’ve been busting it out enjoying it so far. My old one, which had been with me since the beginning of my RVlife, finally kicked the bucket so I needed something new.

Since I picked up my new grill and have been out and about in the RV this summer, I’ve started to really try to figure out just what this new grill can do. It’s always tough when you get a new grill, but so far I think I’ve done pretty well with my first couple of cooks.



Now the time has finally come to do some ribs! Over the years I’ve done ribs many times on my old grill and they’ve come out great!



Now, as I get ready to use my new grill to do my first rack of ribs, I need your help. I love a great rack of baby back ribs, however a nice big “Flintstones” kind of a beef rib is delicious as well. So In YOUR opinion what should I do? Cast your vote in the poll below… Pork or Beef ribs for the first time?

You can also chime in, in the comments section… make a suggestion on how I should cook them or just tell me which one you love to eat? I love hearing from you and whichever kind of ribs are leading the way by… let’s say September 15th, the next time I’m on the road then that’s what I’ll cook! Sound like a fair deal?