GREEN BAY, WI – At the end of a long day hiking and “Chefing-It-Up” when I’m RVing, I love to cuddle up on the couch and watch a good movie. It’s one of my happy spots because I’m not thinking about work, I’ve had a great day out and about. Dinner usually is pretty good and I can just let my hair down… the little that I do.

Last year, my TV mount in my RV started to fail. The ball joint in the back, wasn’t holding up the TV and it wasn’t moving. Essentially the TV was barley hanging on and that’s a no-no.

So as I get ready for the start of this year, I have to replace the old mount with a new one.  Now I have experience with this. I’ve mounted two TV’s over the years in RV’s so this is a reno I think I can do on my own. I’m always talking about choosing your battles, the types of RV renovations you can do, versus the ones you think you need to farm out and have professionals do. For me, this is definitely one I know I can do.



The first thing I had to do was finding a TV mount that I could use. Since this mount failed me, this time, I opted to go for a different kind of a TV mount. This time and picked up a “Perlesmith TV Mount” online. I paid $23.99 online for it.

Once I got the mount, I had to remove the TV and mount from the rig and it was pretty easy, just some screws on a mounting board in the RV where there the old TV was and then taking the screws for the TV bracket off the back of the TV.

Now the screws that came with the mounting bracket, didn’t fit the TV or where I was going to have to drill into the mounting board in the RV so I ran over to “Home Depot” to pick up some screws. Inevitably, I find whenever I’m working on my RV, there seems to be one or two stops at a home improvement store during the work.

Back at the RV, it went pretty smoothly from there. Again, replacing all of the screws. Because the arm bracket that mounts to the board in the TV hole in my RV didn’t line up exactly with this new bracket, I had to drill some new holes to mount and screw in the arms. 

After getting all the screws in place, I hooked the TV to the arm and screwed in the connectors on the back and boom, my TV is mounted and secured once again!

Considering all of the little things that need to get done maintaining an RV, this was a fairly easy one and one that makes me so happy because that means I’ll have a TV for movies this season!

What do YOU like to do after a long day of camping/Rving?  Are movies in your plans? Let me know, I’d love to hear!


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