MIDWAY, FL – After being in storage for over 7 months, I have to be honest, for the most part the RV was in pretty good shape.  With the exception of the right side mirror, there were no rodents and the rig started up on the first try after hooking up the batteries. So all I all, storage was a success.

The big challenge for today is getting the RV to Camping World for servicing before I hit the road. Now I know there are a lot of mixed feelings about Camping World in the RVlifestyle, however I will say they have been up and down with me as well.

I bought my first and second RV’s from Camping World and that’s the good because I got into RVing and I love it. The service, although has been a mixed bag and this time was no different. That’s the most frustrating part for me dealing with Camping World.

Once I got to the rig, I took it over for my appointment which was scheduled for 9am. I got there 20 minutes early. While I was there, I checked on my slides to make sure they were working. Then once they opened, had the rig checked in by 9:20am.  From there I went back to storage, got my rental, dropped it off at the airport, Ubered back to Camping World where I noticed something right off of the bat when I returned. My RV had not been moved at all.

I checked with Camping World 3 times over the previous weeks, confirming how long everything would take and they all said I would be on the road by noon. It was now noon and the RV hadn’t been moved at all from the spot where I dropped it off.

Now I was having the RV: de-Winterized, tires checked, oil changed, look at my side mirror to give me an estimate and just a quick overall inspection to make sure I was road worthy. When I went into my Camping World, located in Midway Florida to find out what was going on, they gave me a song and dance about not having someone who could drive it to the back. That all of a sudden they were swamped with work orders now that people were trying to go camping again, and then finally, just because I had spoken to someone, the guarantee to have the RV worked and ready to go that day, meant by the end of businesses even if I was waiting. To be honest, none of these were acceptable and I had to go up the chain of command to get the service manager to figure things out.

Two hours later, my RV was cleared to go. I asked them about the right side mirror they said, they couldn’t fix it. I asked them about a quote for it and they couldn’t come up with a number and fumbled around trying to call Winnebago. It was royal pain in the butt, so I just taped the mirror together so I could see. I just wanted to get out of there as soon as possible.

Once I got out of Camping World, I headed off to Walmart to load up on some groceries and ice… remember the ice part because that will become important in the next couple of episodes.

Finally, close to 5pm, I finally hit the road. Good thing the sun was still up and I was able to get some hard driving in before stopping for the night,

So far, some big milestones:

  • Where to Store Your RV? …DONE
  • Hop on a plane to get my RV… DONE
  • Prep it for the drive back to Wisconsin…DONE
  • The Road Trip to Mom
  • (Insert Special Surprise!)
  • Set it up in the new home

In this episode, it’s all about the final prep before getting back on the road heading north. To get all of the information regarding the process, head over to RVJedeye.com and click on the story about my “Green Bay to Tallahassee & Back” mini-series.

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