The time had finally arrived… after wrapping up some minor projects around the house, it was now time to get the home up on the MLS… well.. kind of.See, I still had to get it set up for my real estate agents to stage the home.  That’s where some of the real magic happened.

My agents from “The Brokerage,” Scott and Patty are a great team and this is where Scott takes over and does  what he does.  You live in your home one way, you have to show the home another way and that’s where Scott looks at the home like a blank canvas and creates a story with your home.

In this episode, you’ll get to see the home from the time I purchased it, to the final staging as I get ready to sell my baby.  I did a lot of work over the year and some change that I owned the home, from getting new floors, to redoing the entire kitchen, to just painting.  But now, it was time for the final touches to get the home ready to list.

How important was the staging?  In the next episode I’ll show… and you may not believe it!

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Patty Wison & Scott Cowart “The Brokerage”


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