Thanks for all of the suggestions about how to lay this down and I will use some of them next time if I have to. When I sealed things down this time I used the following video as a guide, that’s why I went over the sealant in case anyone wonders. “How to apply your Dicor Lap Sealants” https://youtu.be/iXUcBdVnhwI

*** UPDATE ***

Stuff happens when you RV. It’s all a part of the process and something that I’m committed to share with everyone when I go through something.

In this case it means dealing with a leak in the skylight in the shower in my RV. Awhile back when I was out at O’Leno St. Park in Florida, I noticed a pretty bad leak. I have projects that I want to accomplish on the RV this year, but this one obviously takes precedent.

So first, I watched a lot of YouTube, read up on how to fix these kinds of leaks and gathered all of the products necessary to fix things. Now there were a lot of options but I went with resealing the connection spots on top of the RV with sealant and not using the Eternabond tape… for now.

What I did first was get on top of the rig, inspect it and then clean off the seals around the skylight with soapy water first. Cleaned that off second and then went around everything with “Denatured alcohol,” to really clean and prep the surfaces.Once everything dried, I then used some Dicor, self-leveling sealant and went around the entire skylight, especially around the areas I thought might be the most vulnerable. It goes on like, squeezing out toothpaste. Once it’s down it expands and then just needs time to dry.

Inside the rig, in the shower, I took some mold protectant and sprayed it all around the ceiling to kill any mold spores that might be trying to develop and to prevent anything else from growing.

All in all the whole process took about an hour. The proof in the pudding regarding if it works will be the next time it rains. If it keeps everything out, that’s great. If it doesn’t, then it will probably go back and use a combination of more sealant and tape.

Hopefully we’re all set and I can hit the road again and enjoy the outside, rain or shine.


“Dicor Self Leveling Lap Sealant”


“Caulking Gun”


“Jasco Denatured Alcohol”


“Concrobium Mold Control”


“Eternabond Tape”



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