I’m always looking for products to help make my RV experience even better and I want to share this one with you, the “Camco Caribou Cooler.”

Recently I had a chance to take it out on the road with me and I really like it. It’s not just a cooler, but depending on the size and model you get, something that could turn into a vital piece of your RVing lifestyle.

REVIEW: Got this awhile back and have been waiting to put it through its paces. The “Camco Caribou Cooler,” did its job and was rock solid. Made from a very durable plastic, the cooler is a perfect part of the RV experience for me! Being a weekend warrior, I have to load up my food in coolers at home, then take it to the RV, work and then head out on my trip. So often times, that’s a good 8-12 hours and the Camco Caribou Cooler kept everything nice and cold.

It’s sturdy, yet easy to carry and I would recommend picking one up if you can!


    • Superior cold and ice retention
    • Rotomolded design offers extreme durability
    • Great for hunting, fishing, tailgating and camping
    • Fully sealing gasket
    • 5 year manufacturer’s warranty


“Caribou Cooler” by Camco http://amzn.to/2qV9cr2

“Mannix” https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Mannix


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