As you can imagine, setting up a YouTube channel and constantly updating it along with this website and various social media channels, like “The Facebook,” “The Twitter,” and “The Instagram” takes a lot of work and a lot of materials that need to be saved and stored. So I was looking for a small, hard drive that had a lot of space, was not that expensive and one that was portable. Enter the Toshiba “Canvio Basics” hard drive.IMG_5742I did some research online, checked out Amazon and found this drive at a good price and pulled the trigger to pick it up. I comes shipped in a small green box and as soon as you open it up, it’s to take the one chord that’s with it, hook it up to the drive and plug it into the computer and boom you’re good to go.

It’s been very easy to use. It’s sleek design, not much bigger than a wallet and much thinner than a “Costanza” wallet by far! I’ve had the drive for a couple of months now and have had no issues at all. It’s also very fast and has been worth the purchase.toshiba2MAUFACTURES NOTES:

  • Capacity: 1 TB; Speed: 5400 RPM; Transfer Rate: Up to 5 Gb/s; Average Seek Time: 12ms; Cache Buffer: 8MB
  • USB 3.0-powered portable add-on storage.
  • Plug and play operation. Easy to use with no software to install.
  • Accommodates large digital files with spacious storage capacity.
  • Compact, smudge-resistant design


“Canvio Basics” 1TB Hard Drive by Toshiba


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