As the “DIY/RV Renovations” continue, you quickly learn that, it always takes longer than you think. 

The time between the first episode, “Big Plans,” and the second episode, “Look Who’s Getting a New Bed,” went fairly quickly. Then there was a cold that turned into a flu, which turned into a virus and just like that, I was out of commission for a while. Missing work, missing working on the RV, just missing life. I was knocked out for a lot longer than I had hoped.

But with some rest, I was back to the task at hand, renovating the RV, starting with the first major project, “Painting Cabinets.”

Now this process is not complicated, but is time consuming. In my case I’ve broken it down into multiple segments and in this episode, it’s all about getting the cabinets and the rig ready for priming.Using “Simple Green,” I wiped down all of the cabinets first, cleaning them. Then I went through and sanded everything, to make sure all of the surfaces were scratched up a bit. This will allow the primer to adhere to surfaces better and then the paint will easier time sticking to everything.

After the sanding, it was another wipe down and THAT essentially wrapped up the first long day on the reno project. 7 hours prepping… the cabinets, now ready for primer and paint.

It’s a good thing that these renovations are happening during the cooler months of the year in Florida, otherwise I’d be sweating like a dog… although couldn’t you be sweating like a bear or a mechanic changing the oil in July or a person on a first date with the that hot other person who turns out to be, “The one?” Pick an analogy and you get the point. It’s still easier to do “DIY/RV Renovations” in January, February, March than any summer months in the Sunshine state. 


Again, here I’ll post my expenses with the “DIY/RV Renovation.” I’ll break it down, in detail by episode and then the overall cost for everything.

 I’ll also share links to various products, some of which you can find through my Amazon Affiliate link.

 So here is the next breakdown for you:

 [RVJedeye] – DIY/RV Renovation Budget: (March 20th, 2017)

 Expenses for Episode :03

 Items:  Painter’s Tape        –           $1.05

Simple Green                       –           $1.05

Cloth to wipe cab.               –           $1.05

Sanding Block                      –           $6.48

Goggles                                  –           $1.05

Extension Cord                    –           $12.47


Episode :03 Sub Total                         $23.15




 “Dollar Tree”

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