Woke up this morning and hit another milestone, 700 plus subscribers with the YouTube channel!

That’s a big mark for me, since I only started the channel about 7 months ago. I hope to continue to provide a look into my RV World journey. I can’t image at this point I’m just going to post to post things. I really try to give everyone a look into my world and a glimpse into what I’m doing with my RV.

I remember when I first really got serious about getting my RV I spent hours on YouTube looking at what others did to their rigs, so my channel is a bit of an homage to those before me and hopefully a little bit of an inspiration to those who were like me looking for information.

Monday February 20th at 1pm kicks off the new DIY/RV Renovations series and I think over the next several months you and I will learn a lot about doing a remodel of an RV!😀

Again thank you so very much for helping to grow theYouTube channel and this blog as well! I hope together we can keep building!