RVJedeye Vlog: Episode 07

Being back on the road was a blast! I was able to shake off some dust, meet a new friend.

And just be out there again. It was a short trip and sometimes that’s better than nothing!

In the episode, you’ll get a chance to check out where I stayed.

You’ll also get my take on hiking at “Glamp-Sites”

And I’m reviewing two new products I picked up for the RV.

I hope you like! Comment here and on the YouTube channel. Subscribe and share the YouTube channel and then of course you can follow me on social media on “The Facebook” @Vader Raider and on “The Gram” & “The Twitter” @RVJedeye and as always here at: RVJEDEYE.com


2 thoughts on “RVJedeye Vlog: Episode 07

  1. We used to go to Jai Alai games in Tijuana in the 1950s! I’ve got a few years on you. Very fast game and it involved betting. I was quite young, but I remember that much. I would have liked to look inside your Jai Alai building! Nice video. Glad you had a good weekend.


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