Want or Need for the RV?

I’m very careful of what I write and post. I don’t want to spam everyone with small tedious details about EVERY little thing when it comes to my RVLifestyle.But I need your help. Some have asked about Christmas gifts this year… I know, I know it’s not even Thanksgiving yet. But for the first time in a long time I’m actually putting a list together and I need your help.
When it comes to RV gadgets and toys… if you had to choose one thing, what would you ask for? What’s a “must have” versus a “want to have?”
For example:
Mountain Bike
Must have or Want to have?
RV Tire Pressure Monitoring System
Must have or Want to have?
Satellite TV System
Must have or Want to have?
There is a great article on the “35 Must Haves for an RV,” with some really cool suggestions, check it out when you a minute.But what do you think? What would YOU put on your ultimate RV Christmas gift list?

2 thoughts on “Want or Need for the RV?

  1. You should definitely have a satellite or some sort of way to watch TV. We didn’t go with a satellite because we heard mixed reviews on them. We opted for a smart TV and 500 gig hotspot. We can watch what we want and when we want it. I don’t know anything about those fancy antennas…what have you read about them?:D Get the bike!! Great way to stay in shape and explore near the campground. The TPMS – we don’t have one, but I’ve heard that they can be lifesavers.


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