It’s Friday and so far I’ve been lucky enough in the past to hit the road right after work and head out on a weekend adventure! 

My packing ritual, lay everything on the bed and load the car up early, take it to the RV in storage. 

And then load the rig, head to work. Finish the day and hit the road.

This week, that’s not quite happening, BUT there is something new going on… Work AND RVing!

I have a two day meeting I have to attend in Oldsmar, Florida so I’m going to MIX business with pleasure.

State Park first, work two days, birthday/State Park after that, then “Glamping” location one through Sunday and “Glamping” location two through Tuesday! 

This will be my first, long, multiple location trip in the RV and I’m excited! I’ll do one massive Vlog afterwards BUT will post some things here and on Twitter/Instagram.

Any advice for hitting the road for a big trip? Shoot me some love and let me know!