sold 7.9So I picked up my RV for the very first time on Saturday. It felt a little odd, I won’t lie because it was mine and I wasn’t just out for a test drive.

So I had to go drop my car off at the RV storage facility, then took Uber to the dealership for my walk through.

I bought my rig from “Camping World” and for the most part they were really good about helping me. Haley was the associate who took me through my orientation and she did a good job showing me everything. front rig

The rig itself is so much cleaner and nicer than I had remembered. To be honest I saw the RV right as they got it in and it hadn’t been serviced.  Now it’s looking all pretty and cool.

Once I finished up with the demo, it was back inside and another woman helped me with my first purchases and must haves for the RV. It’s a little secret, there are many more things you need to pick up before you head out the door and I filled a cart full. Still have to go back for some more things, but for the most part I got everything I needed.stuff 7.9

After that, it was out on the road… kind of. I’m still about a week away from my first solo trip, but I wanted to drive the RV around town, on the freeway so I could get a sense of how it handled and how I would do parking and things like that.

I think I did OK for my first time out. It’s still going to take some time to really get use to it, but so far so good.

I’ve got a video, I’m working on getting up on YouTube and linked here.  I’ll be adding more and more things soon. Hope you like the blog and videos and we’ll see you on the road!