For years I’ve thought about going small.  It started with RV’s, went to Tiny Houses, and then back to RV’s.  The idea of getting something that you can load up in and leave has always been appealing to me.  The overall idea of living tiny fulltime has also been very appealing as well, but life happens… and for the most part it all stays a dream.

Well today, one of my dreams… the dream of owning an RV begins.  I’ve been looking for years for a rig. The right one to fit.  Something that I could do some work on and upgrade. Something that was the right size that didn’t feel like a tour bus.  Like “Goldie Locks,” always says, something that felt “just right.”

Last week I got a call from a dealer I had been working with for over a year and something came in that was calling me.

A 2004 Itasca Spirit 24v  After work one day I went over, saw it. Actually turned it down and then they came back with a killer deal the next day. I went back and closed the deal.

So, there is some work to do on this one. But it’s all work I feel I can do to make it my own. I’m excited for the journey and over the next several months, I’m going to share the journey with you.  The ups the downs, the highs the lows. We’re going to turn this bad boy from stock to stunning!

RV world… here I come… (Cue the Tone Loc) “Let’s do this!”