OK, this is just a quick blast that I wanted everyone to know about! I have some big news to share! I’m hitting the big time… Me, David aka RVJedeye is going to be apart of a really cool RV magazine that I hope you’ll want to know read and know more about.

I’m going to be contributing to a new venture and sharing my take on RVLife.

The team at Rootless Living Magazine is launching a brand new magazine for RVers, by RVers called RV Today and I’m one of the 50 RV Content Creators in the Special Edition – out now! It’s time for the world to know more about RVJedeye! My adventures and definitely how to “Chef-It-Up” on the road!

Be one of the first to grab your copy sign up today with the special code: https://simplecirc.com/subscribe/rv-today?source=JEDEYE



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