“Getting Your Home Ready to be Sold,” is a process. A process that starts with a hard look and evaluation of your home and taking a look at what the market says is a realistic price for your house.After speaking with my relator, Patty Wilson of “The Brokerage,” looking at the numbers in my area and how long she thought it would take to sell the house, making the choice to sell the house was easier than I had originally thought. The numbers just didn’t lie and I knew that if I could get close to my end number, then the pressure of owning my home and then trying to figure out what to do with it moving forward would go away.So after having a “numbers” talk, we set a tentative date to get the house on the market. The first thing I had to do after we agreed on the date, was to finish up some small projects in the house, that I was going to get to, but had been holding off on for awhile. The biggest of those projects, completing the island in my kitchen.  When I bought my home, there was no island, I knew I could build one and started the process, but didn’t complete the back or top until I actually got ready to sell it.  The biggest trick for finishing this bad boy off… finding top. I actually found a coffee table top that was on sale that was the perfect dimension.  I had looked at stone and quartz and even laminate, but couldn’t finish the island using those materials for under $300 bucks. The total cost for the coffee table, which I held onto the legs for a future project, just $79 bucks!

Thanks to Patty and her partner Scott Cowart I continued the process of getting the house ready. I had a handyman come over and install a couple of lights and fix a few things.  At the same time I started to pack up things to go into a storage unit and my garage to hold while Scott staged the house for sale.


In the next episode I’ll get into more about the marketing, which included the staging of the home as I get it ready to sell!

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Patty Wison & Scott Cowart “The Brokerage”


Rooms to Go Outlet



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