On the road in your RV there are a lot of things you need. I’ve had folks ask me about some of things I carry with me in my rig, so I thought I’d put together just a quick hit list of some of he products I have and really rely on. This list is in no particular order, but just 5 things I’ve found really make a difference for me when I’m RVing. I’m including links to all of them as well, in case you might want to pick something up or at least go more in depth with the product:

NUMBER 5… “Take Care of Your Feet When You Get Your Hike On”When I first started RVing, I hiked, but I did it in sneakers. Hey if that’s all you have, that works and for a long time that’s all I had. Eventually though I upgraded from sneakers to a hiking boot. I picked up a pair of “Ozark Trail Bump Toe Hiking Boots.”

These were at a good price-point for me and have been one of the best investments I’ve made in my RVLife. If you follow along with me, you know how much I hike and like to explore. Having these boots has been fantastic! I don’t leave the rig without them. Really solid arch support and they go up high enough to help whenever you turn your ankle, because believe you me, it does happen sometimes. Love my boots!

“Ozark Trail Bump Toe Hiking Boots”


(Full disclosure, I got mine at Walmart. Here is the link for them there)


NUMBER 4… “Clean Water is a MUST” Clean water period is a must in life and on the road in the RV it’s even more important. You’re in and out of different State Parks, RV Resorts, and while you may know a little bit about where your water is coming from, having some kind of filter system going into your RV is so critical. Even when you’re boondocking, if you are filling up your tanks, you want to filter the water going into them as well.

For me, the “Camco” water filter is a no brainer and a MUST. I usually go through one a season, but keep an extra one on hand just in case. They’re easy to install and use and every time I get to a new location, I always feel good knowing that with the “Camco” filter connecting to the water source, the water coming through the rig is just a little bit cleaner.

“Camco Water Filter”


NUMBER 3… “Giving it to You Straight” On the road I have a couple of ways to stay connected and yes, even though I try to get away and disconnect, being able to have WiFi service is important… to me at least. So the first way I connect WiFi is through my cell service. I have AT&T and for the most part that works, haven’t had a lot of issues. But sometimes I don’t want to use my cellphone as a hotspot so I have the “Straight Talk Mobile-Hotspot.”  The nice part about this, is there’s no monthly plan, I can load it up for however much data I want and for the most part I can connect just about anywhere I’m at. I think in the 3 plus years of RVing there may have been 1 or 2 places it wasn’t able to connect, but for the most part it’s been great and on those nights when I want to watch football through my Smart-TV or Chill and watch Netflix I can do it easily.

“Straight Talk Mobile Hotspot”


NUMBER 2… “Everything is Smart These Days” Tying into number 3 on this list, I have to give a huge shoutout to my “TCL Roku Smart TV.” Now when I got my first RV several years ago, I immediately switched out my old TV for a new Smart-TV which I loved.  In fact I loved it so much, when I did my reno on my “New-2-Me-RVJedeye Mobile” I got the same set up and put it in my current rig.

Having TV on the road is important to me. At the end of the day, whether I’m connecting to Roku and watching Netflix or ESPN or just watching my Blu-Ray player and movies, I love having the TV in the rig with me.

“TCL Roku Smart TV”


NUMBER 1… “Coffee Anyone? French That is” Starting the day or even ending the day, sometimes you just want a great cup of coffee. I love it and yes, what kind you use is always important, but how you make it, can vary and for me doing it the French way is my way.

I use my French Press every day I’m out in my rig and love it! I love how it brews the coffee and how it smells when I’m making it in the morning. Now truth be told, I also have an “R2D2” French Press that I want to use, but it looks so perfect in the box, I don’t know if I can. I carry it with me all of the time and perhaps one day I will try it out.

“R’stoyours French Coffee Press”


“R2D2 French Press”


No matter if it’s a Star Wars themed press or my trusty day-to-day press, I love my French Press coffee maker and think it’s a must!

So there you go, 5 items I have with me all of the time in my RV. There are a lot of other great products I have with me and at a later date I’ll revisit this blog post and write another article later and share some more with you. 

I hope this gives you a little more insight into the “RVJedeye” world. Check out the links and you can easily pick these items up by <clicking here>

Enjoy your RVing and thanks for spending some time reading this post!