The start of the 2018 RV season has been a blast so far! I’m out on the road, trying new things and new parks and you can catch up on all of, “Season :03 of the New RV Adventures of RVJedeye” and learn the past so you can see how the future unfolds.

Speaking of which, on this trip menu, look at what I have for you:

–           A new State Park… Suwannee River State Park…

–           We’ll check in on some of the Renos I did last year with the Rig…

–           Cheffing it Up: When the hunger goes high we go low with an easy, “Low Country Boil”…

On this trip:

–           “Suwannee River State Park”

Suwannee River State Park, is just off I-10, about an hour outside of Tallahassee Florida. It is a surprising park, with full hook-ups and plenty of spots to camp. There are 30 RV spots, a mix of gravel and paved. There are also a couple of cabins in the park as well. There is plenty to do for everyone, a kids area, boat launch and great hiking trails, with amazing scenery. The bathhouse area is very clean and open. They have washers and dryers on site. And an area to donate and pick up books and magazines and movies. I dropped off a movie, “You’ve Got Mail” and hope someone is enjoying it as we speak! At a little over $26.00 bucks a night, this was a great stop and one I can easily see myself returning to.

–           How are the Reno’s Doing?…

This time last year I was in the middle of a major renovation to the RV. I spent many an hour at Waffle House and working on my rig, to really personalize it. A lot of folks have asked me about how things are holding up and I have to say they’re doing great!

My top three things: The handles… I painted these and reused them, saving a good couple of hundred bucks and they still look great and are holding up very well.

The floor, which was the biggest change in the RV, is really doing well. I poured a lot of time and energy into that baby and it’s still looking great and functioning well!

And the last big thing for me, is my backsplash. I love it and I know it’s a small detail, but for me it’s one of the biggest bang for the bucks and I can’t recommend it enough.

Now coming up this year, there are a couple of things I want to work on, the two biggest finishing up all of my lights and electrical work in the back of the RV. I thought I had all of the wiring correct, but I painted over some of it and haven’t been able to figure out the wiring again.

And then the other thing I’m looking to do is replacing the toilet in the RV.

When I knock out these projects, I will SURELY make sure I share all of it with you and hopefully you’ll learn some lesson on what to and more importantly what NOT to do when you’re doing your own renovation.

–           Cheffing it Up: “Low Country Boil”…

Like trying to head to different locations, every time I take the RV out, I try to mix it up a lot when I’m cooking, but this is one recipe I might be doing again because it was SOOOOOOO good! It’s a, “Low Country Boil” and something I think you’ll enjoy!

“Low Country Boil”

Ingredients for this meal: New Potatoes, Corn, Andouille Sausage, Shrimp, Onions, Old Bay Spicy and Regular.

Now you have to do a little math for this one and remember: 10,10,5,3… That’s 10 minutes for the Potatoes & Onions. Followed by 10 minutes for the corn. Then 5 minutes for the sausage and finally 3 minutes for the shrimp.

First, boil 2 ½ quarts of water. Then as it starts to do a low roll, add 3 tablespoons of the spicy Old Bay with 3 tablespoons of the regular Old Bay and at 1 ½ onions peeled and quartered. Let the ingredients come up to a full boil, then turn the heat down just a bit and add your potatoes. I used about 10 small ones. Then let it cook covered for 10 minutes.

Next you want to add in your corn… 2 ears cut in thirds, cover and wait another 10 minutes before adding the sausage, 4 links cut up in chunks for 5 minutes and then finally wrapping it all up with two pounds of your shrimp for 3.

Once everything is done you can put newspaper or butcher paper on a table, drain the water and pour everything out on the table and enjoy!. (Quick note if you hold onto some of that water, it’s a great base for a soup broth later)


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