Can you believe 2017 is almost over already??? Wow! Anyway, Happy Thanksgiving and welcome to the November edition of, “Top 3 RV Finds.” Three cool things I’ve discovered that I want to share with you, mostly RV related or at least with a tie-in to the RV Life.

This month, three things I think you’ll find interesting and I hope you swing on by and check them out. Tell them, “RVJedeye sent you.”

So let’s do this… here are this month’s “Top 3 RV Finds”:

Number 3:       “Trailer Life… Not So Bad”

My current rig is a 2005, Winnebago Sightseer which I’ve remodeled and love! I’m usually out on the road twice a month and trying to explore as much as I can. Whenever I’m out though, I see a lot of folks with ”Travel Trailers” and every now and then I wonder if that’s the way I should have gone. One of the best reasons for it, once you unhook, you’ve got a vehicle to drive and explore with. The more and more I’m out here, the more and more I see the allure. So in my scouring the web and beyond for cool content to share, I stumbled upon a really good resource for those with and without a travel trailer called, “Trailer Life.”

t’s a really solid website that has a little something-something for everyone! I love the “gear section,” because even some of the suggestions there might work for me. So when you get a chance, check out “Trailer Life”

Number 2: “IKEA Meet RV… RV Meet IKEA”

I HAVE to send out some love this month to Chelsea Gonzales who put together a really good article on, “The Best IKEA Furniture for Your RV” on “DoityourselfRV”   I unfortunately do not have an IKEA near me, otherwise I’d be living at it not only for my RV, but for my home and for the meatballs! This article does a nice job, pointing out some of chairs, tables and sofas that work best in an RV situation. Whether you’re doing a full reno like I did, or just want a piece here and there, check out this post… good stuff.

Number 1: “Look Who’s Baaaaaaaack!”

I’ve shared this before and will no doubt share this again. When I first got into RVing I searched the web high and low, near and far for as much information on the RVLife as I could. I stumbled upon, Mike and Jenny of “DuetJustus”who were renovating a Class C RV and I followed along for the ride. When I sent them a note about a question or two, they actually hit me back and responded with great information and were very supportive of the journey. During my first year, we actually had a chance to camp together at St. George Island State Park and ever since that first email, we’ve stayed in touch and become friends. If you follow them, they took a little break, but are now back and with a vengeance! Several new posts from “Water Filtration,” to a new series on solar! Their videos are informative and really a great resource for anyone rving. And even if you’re not rving, check them out, I think you’ll enjoy their personalities as well!


So there you go, “Top 3 RV Finds” for November. Let me know what you think and if you have an “RV Find,” I should know about post about it in the comments or send me an email

Get out there and RV… You’ll love it!