It’s going to be another renovation weekend for me and that’s cool. For the most part, even though the hours are long and there is a ton to do, I’ve enjoyed the project so far.This morning though, I started to think about what I’ve been missing, not being on the road. 

So here are my top 5 things I miss while in renovating my RV:

#5… LEARNING ABOUT MY RVI just got my RV a little under a year ago and since then I’ve been on the road as much as possible. My first rig was great, but believe it or not I’m already moving up into a new rig and ready to do so much more with my new RV😁

#4… DISCOVERING FL STATE PARKSI’ve stopped at a lot of different spots in my short tenure, but finding out about the Florida State Park system has been one of the best things so far. I love setting up shop in a State Park and letting my hair down!

#3… COOKING ON THE ROADI LOOOOOOOVE cooking and cooking on the road as well! I love “Getting my Chef On” on the road. Just because I’m in my RV, doesn’t mean I can’t eat well😊

#2… EXPLORING THE AREA & MEETING COOL PEOPLE I love getting out and hiking and exploring my surroundings, no matter where I am. Oh yeah, I’m going to hike and hike everywhere! 

Also the folks in the RV lifestyle have been amazing! I’ve met some folks in the community and everyone has been really nice, can’t wait to meet more and hang out with some🥂

#1… LEAVING MY TROUBLES BEHINDNo matter where I go… what I do… when I load up on Friday and get away for the weekend, it is such a great feeling!Part of why I got my RV was to travel and get away… to slow down life and I’ve been able to do that with my RVOnce all of the renos are done, I’ll be back out there doing what I do… until then all you out there RVing… enjoy it for me… for now!😁