My journey into the RV world started awhile ago watching HGTV and then spending hours on YouTube. I dig it… Really dig it.

I watch, no devour all of the “Tiny House” programming I can and love that movement as well.

So when I was able to pull the trigger and pick up my very first “New-2-Me-RV” this summer, in the back of my mind the clock started ticking on when I would go fulltime.

I’ve had a great start to RV living from the good.

To the bad.

I look at all of it as a learning process and I can easily see how folks do it. But as I research and learn more, I’m finding a majority of those who do go fulltime are retired or working from the road. Two things that one day may be an option, but that right now aren’t. 

So this blog is more of a question/fact finding piece to those in the fulltime lifestyle now. It also starts with a couple of major questions:

1. How many are living fulltime in an RV, but still work at a “Bricks & Sticks” job?

2. Do you rent space somewhere near your job? Do you rent a spot in a local RV park? Do you rotate places month to month?

3. If your main home is the RV, do you still have fun living in it as opposed to just taking it out on weekends and vacations?

4. If you’re living fulltime what would you do differently as you move into and live fulltime?

5. If you’re primarily living in one spot with your RV fulltime, how often do you unhook and go off on adventures?

Bonus- What advice would you give someone really wanting to go fulltime, but had a job that you can’t work mobiley and might not be able to for a long time?

As you can imagine there are SOOOO many things to think about before pulling that trigger on a big decision like this. One of the things I love about the RV/Van/Tiny House Communities is that everyone is doing it differently and at the same time so many are helpful and have great advice. Right now YOU all have done it, so what better resource to tap into than you guys?

Can you help a young RVJedeye up?😊