Hurricane Hermine has now come and gone. When it finally hit the Tallahassee area it was a category one. Making it through the event was fine, minus the 28 hour straight work shift. The time after on the other hand… It’s been rough.

First, the rig made it through unscathed. I keep it at a storage facility at an RV park and the rig and the park made it through OK. Some limbs down, but for the most part everything has been good.

What has sucked and I am using the “S-Word” is the lack of power afterwards. I have no electricity at home and they say it could be that way for up to a week.

I have food and everything you’re suppose to have during a hurricane, but nothing to keep everything cold. I could fire up the RV, but it’s better to keep it safe in place since I’m on the road again in a week.

So with my first coffee since power went out, thanks Starbucks.

And a chance to charge and post this quick blog, I will continue to survive my first hurricane and aftermath. My thoughts are with my fellow RVers and anyone who has felt the wrath of this natural disaster.

In the long run, right now I have coffee and Internet… Electricity will come back. In the end… I probably shouldn’t complain about anything else so here… I won’t. 😊