Battled bee stings, the end of work, rain, and a wonkie AC, but made it to the site. The Ochlockonee River State Park is beautiful. There is a lot to explore and do in nature. Looking forward to a good hike today.

The day started off with me picking up the rig at my storage place and getting stung by some bees trying to set up shop around the front door.

After that, I made it through work. I wonder what it might be like to not work part of the day and just get up and go? That’ll happen some day.

This park was the longest drive so far for me in the rig, about an hour and forty-five minutes, which was good so I could see how the rig drives on longer distances and it did well.

Did have to fight through a shower and some rain,

But once I got to the site and the rain stopped it was… OK… I say OK because my AC was odd. It was blowing air, but it wasn’t cooling. I read every page in every manual and tried to trouble shoot the best I could and nothing. Then I pulled the old “IT Expert” trick… Turned off the whole unit and turned it back on and slowly but surely… And don’t call me Shirley… It started cooling things down and we’re all good.

I did a quick bit of exploring last night after a campfire dinner, but plan to do a lot more today. 

The location is pretty, the park itself is not too big, but does have a lot of spots.The folks seem cool and I saw a little “RV Concert” if you will by three women. So not a bad first day… I think next week some time I’ll Vlog about the weekend, but now it’s time to explore!