RVJedeye The Vlog: Episode 01

The first ever “Vlog” for RVJedeye is in the books! Hope you like. Lots of shout outs to folks: Laurie, Brielle, Jason, Nikki, Michael, Jenny, Rae, Donna, Chris, Cherie.

Stay tuned for more and make sure you subscribe to the YouTube channel, here and on Facebook!


4 thoughts on “RVJedeye The Vlog: Episode 01

  1. Your enthusiasm is delightful. And your dedication to learning about the RV. Thanks for the shout-out. I’m not full-time, just enjoying short trips every month or so. It’s been brutally hot this month, so I haven’t gotten out. I think I would try a long trip before I make a decision to go full-time. I live in an area of snowbirds, so I see a lot of full-times. Quite a life.

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    1. Thanks Donna! I am pretty excited right now and loving it.

      My first trip was about 25 minutes away, the next is an hour. Mostly state parks right now, but will try a “Glamping” location soon.😊


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