SEATTLE, WA – The 2022 RV season is not one that I am going to remember too fondly.  The move to Seattle was great and I was so excited to go back to Green Bay to pick up my RV, but the attempt to bring the rig back to Washington failed miserably and my RV never made it back.  In fact, it’s new home is now in Chippewa Falls Wisconsin, until I can figure out long range plans.

Now to give a little more insight into what’s going on, the RV has a number of issues with the engine. The repair shop that I had my vehicle towed to, Mid-State Truck Service replaced the fuel pump, checked the spark plugs and found them melted and smashed and when they scoped the cylinders with a camera, one piston was damaged badly and the others were pitted and looked like debris was in the chamber and they say the engine has to be replaced… replaced to the tune of $19,490.00. A price to fix the RV I do not have and a price worth more than the RV is worth.

Since I can’t leave the RV at the shop forever, I arranged to have it towed to a storage yard nearby and I jumped back on a plane and headed to Minneapolis first and then to Wisconsin to get items out of the RV to bring them back to Seattle, until I can figure out what’s next. 

I’ve looked into selling the RV, but I still owe on it and the amount I would get if I sold it, would not be enough and the bank will not release the title, until the RV is paid off, so at least for awhile, the RV will remain grounded.

So, I booked a flight… got on a plane and headed East again to bring some of my stuff from the RV back.

I had budgeted 3 days to drive the U-Haul back, but after I loaded up the truck and started to drive, I just kept driving and driving and driving and essentially did the drive in just over a day.  I left at midnight on Thursday, started to drive back later in the day on Thursday and then made it home to Seattle before 8pm on Friday.  Not what the plan was, however once I got started driving, I didn’t want to stop until I made it back home.

So what’s next with the RV you ask?  I’ll continue to hunt around to see if there is a more affordable option than the one I have right now I’ll continue to pay off the RV and keep it in storage.  Long term, I’m going to think long and hard about another Class A or whether or not I look to do something else, like a travel trailer or a Class B RV.

Until then, I’m going to figure out someway to explore the area, do it in a fun way and share in the journey… what will that be? Stay tuned to find out!

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