SEATTLE, WA – Part of the RV life is dealing with the ups and downs. So far this season, there have been more downs than ups and based on the latest news, this is a trend that could last a long time.

If you’re new to the blog and new to the story and new to the drama, let me set the table for you.  I moved to Seattle, leaving my RV in Green Bay. Coming across country was new and exciting no doubt.

After settling down and starting to learn the city…

It was finally time to go get my RV, so earlier this year, I flew back to try to bring the RV back out West to my new home here in Washington State and found myself dealing with nothing but drama, which in the last video you got a glimpse into what has been going on.

To get ready for the trip, I took my RV to two different shops to get in on the road and then after some problems  ON the road, I took it to two more shops as well, all in an effort to get it to my new home. The first repair shop on the road said it was a “tune up.” That the spark plug coils had melted and got the rig running, but it was not running smoothly.

Then, not even an hour on the road, the RV shut down again. This time it was really bad and I had to get towed to Mid-State Truck Service in Chippewa Falls Wisconsin where it took almost two weeks before they could even diagnose what was wrong.

At first they told me first it was the fuel pump and it would cost $2,400.00 to replace.  They did that and then I got a second call and they told me the inside of the engine was damaged and the only way to get the RV back running was to install a new engine at the tune of $19,490.00.

Currently, I still have payments on the RV, and a new engine would be more than what I owe on the RV. It also doesn’t make sense to put a new or used engine… about $17,800.00 into a 2005 RV.

So right now, I’m in shock. Still trying to figure out what I will do moving forward and have to plan to go back to Wisconsin and get some items from inside the RV and find a place to store it until I can figure out a long range plan,

I’ve been through 2 RV’s in my lifetime since I started the lifestyle back in 2016 and if I’m going to continue, it looks like a third option could be in my future, but for right now I just need to figure some things out.

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