“Getting Back to St. Joseph Peninsula State Park (Shady Pines) – Vlog: 16 [RVJedeye]”

Love hitting the road and staying at a Florida State Park. Now my rule of thumb and I’ve been able to do it for a year now, is to try not to head back to the same location twice. I’ve been able to do it so far and that includes this week. Last year I hit St Joseph Peninsula State Park, but I stayed in the “Gulf Breeze,” section, this year I came back but stayed in the, “Shady Pines,” area so the streak lives on!

On this trip menu:

–           Same Park, Different Spot, St. Joseph Peninsula State Park, “Shady Pines”

Great park and amazing beach!

–           Hiking? A quick look at why hiking at most Florida State Parks is fantastic.

–           Chefing it up: “Ribs on the Road”

Time for a look at how to cook some Memphis Style Ribs on the road, without a smoker

St. Joseph Peninsula State Park”… $29.11 per night

What I really dug about the park is the water access. You’re not on it, but it’s only a dune hike away, maybe 70 yards from the camp ground at best. The water was amazing and I could have stayed there forever! The campground itself, is very tight to manuever in. I have a 29 foot rig, not big and it took me a while to not only back in, but leaving was incredibly stressful, because all of the sites are close and kids running around and extra cars parked in “somewhat” legal spots. Be prepared it WILL take you a bit to exit. Once you’re in your spot, the sites are pretty nice and secluded. I didn’t feel like everyone was all up in your business, in part because of all of the lush trees. This is definetly a place to hang out at and spend some time at if you can.

“Getting your Hike on”…

There are two places to camp with your RV at St. Joseph Peninsula State Park, “Gulf Breeze,” which I stayed at last year and “Shady Pines” this year’s stop. Both have great access to hiking trails and paths all around the park and you can go out and hike for hours and really enjoy it. Most of the trails are easy for folks to use. You will hike on some soft white sand, but that’s OK. And if you bike, there are lots of places to rid as well.

“Going Memphis Style”…

Love to cook… and it doesn’t stop for me on the road. This time out, I wanted to try and do something a little different and try to do some ribs on my mini grill. I spent some time in Memphis and learned about the art of “Memphis Style Barbecue,” so in this episode, I’m going to take you through the process and show you how it all turned out! I’ll give you a hint… I WILL be doing this again and often! lol


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3 thoughts on ““Getting Back to St. Joseph Peninsula State Park (Shady Pines) – Vlog: 16 [RVJedeye]”

  1. I just purchase a class c in 2017, while on you tube I came upon RV Jedeye I am glad to see the many trips you experience. I will be going to the parks I saw you at. you have make my life easier in my rv. Thanks a million times.


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