[RVJedeye] – DIY/RV Renovation Series Episode :11 “Let the Flooring Begin! PT1”

Let the flooring begin! There have been a lot of steps so far in renovating my “New-2-Me-RVJedeye Mobile,” Bed, cabinets, hinges/hardware… all big projects, leading up the biggest of them all…The flooring.Without a doubt this is the project in this whole big bad renovation that I’ve been both excited for and terrified of. I’ve watched so many folks do really good jobs, putting in their floors and they’ve all made it look relatively easy.I knew right away when I got my rig, renovations would be coming and yes that meant the floor, but I wasn’t sure if I’d be ready. Well ready or not, it’s on! lol


Here’s a look at the overall budget for this week. In each episode I’m providing a detailed look of what I spent in the episode and the overall cost for everything. Things are starting to pick up with the budget. This week a couple of items to help with the floor and soon… there will be more… lot’s more when it comes to adding to the budget.

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Here’s what I spent this week and the overall breakdown for you:

[RVJedeye] – DIY/RV Renovation Budget: (July 10, 2017)

Expenses for Episode :11 “Let the Flooring Begin PT1”


Double Leather Palm Gloves (HD)                $5.00

“Fatso” Multi-Purpose Utility Knife (HD)         $4.00

“HDX 2-In-1 Kneepads” (HD)                         $7.58

Crowbar (DT)                                                  $1.10


Episode :11 Sub Total                         $17.68


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6 thoughts on “[RVJedeye] – DIY/RV Renovation Series Episode :11 “Let the Flooring Begin! PT1”

  1. I just started to renovate a 1990 Allgro I bought that suffered some water damage from a leaking vent and front roof. The leak was repaired but rather unsightly. So far my husband ripped out the worst shower wall and then I will tile the shower. I started painting the cabinets after cleaning out all the previous owners stuff- they just walked away. My background is in Interior decorating – mostly residential , specializing in flooring for 25 yrs. I can answer any questions you may have on pros and cons and PROPER installation. You may want to leave your vinyl if u choose laminate.
    BTW- we have been full timing going on 4yrs so my project RV is a bigger challenge due to work area limitations in the RV park. Luckily my husband is park manager. So – I own 2 RV’s.!!


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