The Mother of all RV/DIY Projects!

So far the DIY/RV Renovations have been going well. The days have been long and so far I’ve knocked out a new bed and I’m midway through the painting process.

But the biggest project keeps starring at me every time I work on my rig and that’s the floor. I’ve known for a long time I’d be replacing the old carpet and vinyl flooring and as I get closer to the reality of it all, I’m looking forward to it like going to the dentist. You know you HAVE to go… you know it’s PROBABLY going to be painful… you know DURING it you’re going to be wishing you were ANYWHERE else… but in the end… you’ll feel better…. you’ve conquered a major milestone and heck it LOOKS better!

I’ve spent a lot of time online and in stores looking at various products and I’ve gone back and forth regarding “Peel & Stick” vinyl plank flooring versus “Click & Lock Floating” vinyl flooring and unless someone gives me a great reason now, that’s what I’m going to be going with.

So the main set of questions I have for those of you who’ve tackled the project before:

– What kind of flooring did YOU use?

– Did you remove all of the interior furniture or put your flooring around it?

– Did you put planks all under the driver and passenger foot areas?

– Did you recarpet or do something with the “Doghouse?”

– How did you pull up all of the carpet underneath the bed in the bedroom slide?

– What are some tips with dealing with the slides?

– And What should I know BEFORE I start this bad boy?

Again, I’ve been reading and looking at a lot of YouTube and Pinterest and online resources to try to prepare, but I have a feeling, until I get at it, I’m never ever going to be able to truly understand it all😀

Thoughts anyone? Anyone? Bueller… Bueller…  Vodo… 

8 thoughts on “The Mother of all RV/DIY Projects!

  1. Since we decided to keep the flooring in our new-to-us RV, I have no install advice. But on the click-lock flooring I’d suggest reconsidering. It’s more difficult to install than other types of flooring, more easily damaged, and it’s not entirely impervious to water. It’s also loud when you walk on it.

    My comments are based on the floor the previous owner of my S&B house put down in the one room. It’s certainly possible that some of the problems were due to a poor install and/or inferior product, because the guy was a big doofus who made other bad choices. But if you want to go with wood I’d consider vinyl planks or possibly getting a pro to install real wood.


    1. Teresa, thanks for your input. I always love hearing from different folks in terms of what they’ve gone with. I’m getting close to pulling the final trigger on what kind of flooring. I DO know it will be some sort of vinyl plank and I’m going to take a shot at doing the install myself! May the Force Be With Me! 🙂


  2. Anyone considering click and lock: Give careful thought to the click flooring. We put it in our house which doesn’t move and it sucks. With temperature (and likely vibration) it literally moves – apart. There are spots where it comes apart and leaves an open line in the floor. Not gaping but a gap nonetheless. Don’t know who invented click and lock but … well you know.


    1. Katie thanks! I’m getting closer to pulling the final trigger on flooring. It’s going to be some kind of vinyl plank flooring because of the ease of it and I love to be a that the beach and state parks so sweeping up should be nice. Thanks for your info though… I’m taking it all in 🙂


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