Getting Your RV Renovations On!

The renovation work has been long and hard and let’s be honest…. I’m still just getting into it all! lol

As I get ready to had back out to work on the rig this weekend, I thought it might be a good time to put all of the RV Reno Plans and episodes to date in one place for you😀Enjoy, subscribe and share on YouTube!

1. Big Plans!

2. Look Who’s Getting a New Bed

3. Painting Cabinets Part 1

4. Painting Cabinets Part 2

5. Painting Cabinets Part 3

2 thoughts on “Getting Your RV Renovations On!

  1. Looking good! I’m thinking of doing the same with my cabinets and hardware. Question: Do you what I can do with the gold mirroring below my sink on the outside and for a post by the sofa, that can’t come out? Is there a way to paint these or should I get those press n deal tiles?


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