[RVJedeye] – DIY/RV Renovation Series Episode :05 “Keep on Painting!”

The big old painting project continues and as the “DIY/RV Renovations” move forward, there are many times when I ask myself, “Why did I do it all?” lol Now in all honesty it’s a little bit rhetorical. I mean I’ve known since the very first day of Rving and before I’d renovate an RV at … More [RVJedeye] – DIY/RV Renovation Series Episode :05 “Keep on Painting!”

[RVJedeye]-“DIY/RV Renovations”: Houston We Have Primer!

The “DIY/RV Renovations” are full steam ahead! Right now we’re in the thick of painting cabinets. Now other than the flooring, this is probably the biggest project of the renovation plans and the project that could have the largest impact. Now last time it was all about getting the cabinets and the rig ready for … More [RVJedeye]-“DIY/RV Renovations”: Houston We Have Primer!