RV Reno… Do it???

Ever since I picked up my “New-2-Me-RV” I’ve been thinking about doing some renovations. Not wanting to jump too soon, I’ve been researching anything and everything I can about it.

And since I’ve been doing that, I wrote a big article on the whole process with the help of several RVer’s out there doing it all: Full time, Part time, Weekend warriors

And coming up on Tuesday, December 27th I’ll post an article with some great insight and advice from them all.Mark it on your calendars, it should be really fun!

5 thoughts on “RV Reno… Do it???

  1. We are looking forward to the article. We made it to Tallahassee. Whew, it was tough finding a RV place to stay but did this morning. Everything is pretty booked because of Christmas. We found a propane filling place at Campers World. Our Roadtrek has the built in tank so we can’t just swap it out.

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      1. We are visiting with Audrey’s Dad and Mom for Christmas then over to see my brother in Holiday, FL. I love Florida. The sunrises are awesome and the people, like you, are so friendly. From here its up to check out the wild fires in NC and TN. How about you? What’s on your plan list for Christmas? We’re at the Tallahassee RV park. Nice little spot. They fit us in a little slice of a spot which is okay because we’ll be with the family most of the time.


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