DIY: Keeping Your RV Frrrrrresh!!!

One of the challenges for an RVer is keeping your rig smelling fresh and clean when in storage.

Between your holding tanks and the overall air in your RV when it’s stored, you’ve got to find ways to keep things fresh. In this DIY video, check out two of the ways I keep things smelling minty-fresh, minus the mint.

Let me know what you do with your rig for storage. And if you try one or two of these tips I’d love to hear how they work or don’t work for you. Comment here or in the description location under the video on YouTube.

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4 thoughts on “DIY: Keeping Your RV Frrrrrresh!!!

  1. We purchased one that had sat empty for a year. I’ve been sick since we moved in so we are thinking the ventilation needs clean or replaced. We are replacing the flooring and furniture too. How big a job is replacing the ventilation?

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