Rogue One, Meet RVJedeye😀

I was right there for the first showing of, “Rogue One” and it didn’t let me down!

I don’t want to get into the weeds on this, because I could probably talk for days on it, but “Rogue One,” is much more of a “Star Wars-Fan” film.

There are a lot of “inside” bits, that for me worked, but I wonder if the “Average Jedi or Joe” would get and enjoy?

Getting to the film… well that was a day indeed😊

So what did YOU think of the big picture?

2 thoughts on “Rogue One, Meet RVJedeye😀

    1. I wanted to share my excitement and passion, because the franchise has been a huge part of my life. Those who’ve seen it and want to chat more, cool! Otherwise I left it open enough for everyone. Thanks for watching & commenting😊

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